Amos Slade

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Amos Slade:

This man basically has a permanent scowl and frown upon his face. One would definitely not want to be around this grumpy man on a bad day. Amos definitely played the part very well. He was a scraggly-looking man with a worn leather jacket over him. With his large mustache, deep voice, and his aggresive hat, Amos could seem intimidating and frightening to almost anyone except the widow. Amos gets joy out of hunting for sport, and massacring the wildlife. He especially hates foxes. According to him, the only good fox is a dead fox! Amos was even insufferable to humans. He had threatened Widow Tweed at least twice, during the course of the film, that he would shoot Tod at the first opportunity. In fact, the only time that Amos was even the slightest bit happy was when he returned from his hunting trip and howled along with Copper. "I aint got no job. I'm a huntin' man, and I'd rather have a dog than a dollar..." For about 80 of the 83 minutes of the movie, Amos Slade's eyes never gave birth to anything other than hatred and anger. He even kicked is old pick-up truck with a vengance. One would think that Amos would never stray from his bullying ways. However, when Slade realized that Copper had stood in front of Tod and Amos's rifle, Amos had opened his mind to more meaningful ways. People would hope that Amos will continue thinking in this way instead of acting like a bully.