The Bear

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The Bear:

It doesn't matter how small a role this gargantuan character plays in the film, he still packs one heck of a punch at the climax. No character was more intimidating, more ferocious, or more frightening than the massive bear that attacks Copper, Amos, and Tod at the end of the movie. The bear seems to serve as the ultimate closing action to The Fox and the Hound, and I couldn't have chosen a more effective form of ferocity to end the fighting and the struggling. With its blood red eyes and razor sharp teeth, the bear attacks Amos after sustaining a blow to the shoulder, only to have its anger strengthened and intensified by Copper's act of defense and ultimately Tod's, which finally leads Tod and the bear onto tree log that collapses from the bear's mighty paw and sends the two creatures hurling down to the base of a churning waterfall.