Big Mama

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Big Mama:

She was probably one of the most important characters in the course of the entire film. She was a large mother owl, and she definitely played the part very well. Big Mama behaved like a foster parent or spiritual mother to Tod by teaching him what he needed to know in order to survive. She had a number of important roles during the course of the film. When we first see her, she finds little Tod by a fence post without a mother. She was responsible for finding Tod a place where he could be taken care of as a baby. She also taught Tod how to survive as a fox by singing the song "Lack of Education" to him. Another very important role she played later in the film was to find Tod a lifelong mate. How many Disney characters do you know with as much ability as Big Mama?! Probably very few. She was a foster mother, a life teacher, and a matchmaker. It's interesting as to how Disney was able to accurately portray Big Mama as the motherly type to Tod. Without her, many of the events from the movie would not be the same!