Chapter 1

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The film opens to the soft but engulfing sound of a slow wind being carried by a thick, white mist in the depth of a forest.

The title slowly fades into the center of the screen.

As the screen scrolls, the views move deeper into the forest with grounds eye views of the tops of trees and sky.

The sound of distant barking hounds begin to grow and drums begin to beat slowly as the screen continues to scroll through the growing agitation of the forest.

The screen finally stops and focuses on a dewdrop filled spider web as string instruments begin to play agitated intervals with rapidly growing volume.

The screen finally focuses on the appearance of a mother vixen with her newly born fox kit in her mouth as she stops briefly while running from the growing sound of the ferocious hounds heard in the background.

The vixen continues to run at top speed through the forest and her reflection can be seen from the pond along side which she runs.

The vixen briefly stops again at the edge of a small cliff and looks down.

One last shot of the wild countryside as the screen scrolls closer to a wooden fence.

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