Chapter 2

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Big Mama, has become aware of the sound coming from the ferocious hounds and she has also spotted the mother vixen running. Big Mama peeks her head out of her tree to observe what's happening.

The vixen stops behind a fence post and hides her kit in the tall foliage that surrouds the base of the fence post. She nuzzles her kit one last time before she leaves him, hoping he will survive.

Big Mama has come out of her tree and is looking down upon the vixen who can sense the barking hounds quickly approaching.

The vixen continues to run leaving her fox kit behind and fleeing for her life as fast as she can. Seconds later, after the vixen disappears over a small hill, two loud gunshots are heard.

A shocking sense of horror overcomes Big Mama after the gunshots as she realizes that the vixen is dead.

Big Mama looks down from her tree and sees the fox kit lying near the fence post where the vixen left him.

The fox kit is lying helplessly near the fence post all alone.

Big Mama flies down from her tree to the fencepost where the young fox kit lies. She pushes the bushes aside to get a better look at the little orphaned fox.

The orphaned kit is at first frightened by Big Mama's presence as he peeks his head out from behind the fence post

Big Mama: "You poor little fella," she says to the fox kit in a very sympathetic voice.

Big Mama: "It's all right...Big Mama's here."

The fox kit is still afraid of Big Mama's approaches and attempts to avoid contact.

Big Mama sadly looks back in the direction where the vixen was running.

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