Chapter 2-2

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Big Mama: "You gonna need some carin for."

Big Mama: "Now, let's see darlin'. You need, um..."

As she says this, the young fox kit cautiously and slowly approaches Big Mama.

The fox kit instinctively assumes that Big Mama is the logical choice for a mother. He gently nuzzles himself into Big Mama's large, and feathery belly.

Big Mama: "Oh no, no, no, no, no. Not me, not Big Mama, now."

After Big Mama assures the little fox that she's not the right choice for a mother, Tod backs away, still apprehensive.

Big Mama thinks to herself.

Big Mama: "Now, I'm thinkin, though."

She is attempting to find someone who could look after the little fox.

Big Mama: "Mmm-hmmm, oh uh huh!"

Big mama hears a loud pecking sound and she finally has come up with an idea.

Big Mama: "Now, now, don't, don't you move, honey!"

Big Mama makes sure the little fox is still safe before she flies off the screen.

Big Mama: "Big Mama's gonna be right back!"

Tod watches as Big Mama flies away and he begins to worry.

Dinky: "Good work, Boomer! We'll get him this time!!"

Dinky the sparrow and Boomer the stuttering woodpecker make their first appearance on a nearby tree as they attempt to catch a tasty meal.

Dinky: "Shhh. I think he's in there."

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