Chapter 2-3

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Big Mama: "Whew. Am I glad I found you boys! There's no time to lose. I need your help. Now come on. Come on!"

Big Mama has found Dinky and Boomer and she now needs their help, so they must break away from the hunt.

Dinky: "Let's go, Boomer. Come on."

Boomer needs more persuasion to follow Big Mama, so Dinky has to yank on his back to get him moving.

Boomer: "Yeah, b-b-but..ohhh sh-sh-sh-shucks!!

Boomer is somewhat upset having to leave his prey behind.

Squeeks: "Whew!!!"

Squeeks, the small green catepillar that is the object of both Dinky and Boomer's hunting desires, peeks his head out from a hole in the tree and takes a deep sigh and breath of relief after the birds leave.

One by one, Big Mama, Boomer, and Dinky arrive on top of the wooden fence by the post where the fox kit still lies.

Boomer: "Ohh, poor little guy."

Boomer feels badly for the little fox who is all alone.

Big Mama: "Don't you worry now. We're going to find someone to look after you."

Dinky: "Hmmm. Hmm" (looking in the direction of a farm)

Dinky: "Hey! I think I got an idea."

The trio huddles together to discuss Dinky's plan.

Tod looks up at the trio curiously wondering what they're planning.

Dinky: "Okay, Boomer, now you know what to do.

Dinky: "Yeah. Leave it to me! Leave it to me!"

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