Chapter 3

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Boomer flies off the fence and towards the door of a quaint farmhouse.

The Widow: "Who is it?"

After Boomer pecks on the door, an elderly widow swings it open forcing his beak right through the wood.

The Widow: "Ohmm...well I was sure I heard someone knocking.

The Widow: "Oh dear!! My laundry."

The widow gasps as she observes something happening to her laundry.

Both Big Mama and Dinky are attempting to get the widow's attention by picking up a piece of her clothing from her clothesline.

The Widow: "Oh, here! Stop it!."

The Widow begins to get frustrated as Big Mama and Dinky fly while carrying Widow Tweed's garment.

The Widow: "Oh, you pesky birds! Will you come back here?! Oh. Stop!"

The Widow: "Well I wonder what got into those birds."

Big Mama and Dinky finally drop what they were flying with and they have purposefully dropped the piece of clothing right over the little fox kit who is still by the fence post. The Widow shows up to pick up her clothes still unaware that a fox kit is under them.

The Widow has finally discovered the fox kit.

The Widow: "Well, bless my soul! Why it''s a baby fox."

Widow Tweed is amazed to find the baby fox so close to her farm.

The Widow: "Ooh, hello little fella."

The Widow: "I wonder where its mother is."

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