Chapter 4

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An old, scraggly looking dog named Chief awakens to the sound of his master's old beat up car pulling into the road by a cabin.

Chief slowly gets up with a long stretch to greet his master, Amos Slade.

Amos: "I got a surprise for you, Chief old boy, heh heh."

Amos pulls a sack out from the back of his old car with something, or someONE in it!

Chief hungrily licks his lips automatically assuming that there's a tasty treat inside that sack for him.

Amos: "Now, now, now, take it easy."

Chief begins to bark with excitement as Amos brings the sack closer to him.

Chief smells the sack and his baffled when he hears squealing coming from inside.

Amos: "Well, how's this for a huntin' dog?!"

Amos pulls an adorable baby hound dog out of the sack.

Chief is stunned by the site of the baby hound dog.

Amos: "He's just a little runt now, but he'll grow."

Chief is less than thrilled as he bends down to get a closer look at the the hound pup. The pup seems very curious about Chief.

Chief is annoyed after the hound pup licks his nose and he gives Amos the same response.

Amos: "May as well get used to him, Chief."

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