Chapter 4-2

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The pup attempts to climb on one of Chief's legs.

Amos: "He's for you to look after, from now on."

Amos has assigned Chief the job of looking after the little hound pup.

Chief is again annoyed by the thought of having to look after the hound pup.

Chief attempts to lie down in his barrel where he sleeps; however, the little hound pup has entered before him and so Chief backs away from the barrel quickly and in astonishment.

The hound pup faces Chief and puts himself into a puppy play position.

Chief becomes agitated again by the hound pup, and with his paw, he pushes the pup behind him, forcing the pup to roll along the ground.

As Chief finally lies down in his barrel, the little pup also positions himself right between Chief's front paws. With a big yawn, the pup prepares to go to sleep.

The little pup has gone to sleep, contently on Chief's front leg.

Chief looks both to his left and to his right almost to make sure nobody is watching him.

Chief has finally accepted the little hound pup as a calm and warm smile covers his face.

Both Chief and the hound pup slip fast into a quiet slumber as the screen fades.

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