Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 opens inside a barn as the widow is busy milking her cow, Abigail.

The frisky little Tod has become spunky as ever as he prepares to play with Abigail's tail.

The Widow: "Tod, stop pestering Abigail."

The Widow: "Abigail, you're going to have to be patient with Tod. He's one of the family now."

Tod stands on his two hind legs as the thought of milk makes him hungry again.

The Widow: "Oh ho ho. Of course, now I know!"

The Widow understands Tod's gesture for milk and so she squirts 3 or 4 long streams of milk from Abigail's utter in Tod's direction.

Tod hungrily laps up the milk, most of which fortunately lands in his mouth.

The Widow: "I declare I never will get my chores done!"

Tod is interested by three baby chicks that are nested close to the mother hen.

Tod slowly reaches his paw out to touch the baby chicks, but the mother hen is spooked by Tod and she begins to flutter about and go after the curious little kit.

The Widow: "Oh! Tod! Tod, stop it!"

The commotion between Tod and the hen has stirred up a great deal of frustration with Widow Tweed.

The Widow: "Abigail?! Abigail?!"

Abigail has now been scared by all the commotion and The Widow attempts to control her.

But The Widow is unsuccessful at controlling Abigail at first, and Abigail has tipped over the entire bucket of milk that was under her.

The Widow: "Oh no, there goes my milk! OH NO!"