Chapter 5-2

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The Widow: "Easy, easy Abigail."

The Widow: "Steady, old girl, steady!"

The Widow is finally able to calm Abigail down.

The Widow: "There, there."

The Widow: "Tod!!"

Tod attempts to hide in the corner.

The Widow: "You come here! I said COME....HERE!!"

Tod slowly moves from the corner and cowers his way over to the widow.

The Widow: "Just look what you've done!"

The widow points to the tipped over bucket.

The camera focuses on the bucket where the milk was, but it's now on the ground.

Tod tries to lighten the mood by giving the widow a tentative smile.

The Widow: "Now...don't try to butter me up."

But Tod is successful nevertheless.

The Widow: "Oh Tod, I just can't stay angry with you."

The Widow: "You little imp!"

The widow says this warm-heartedly while picking Tod up and holding him in front of her face.

The Widow: "Now, run along and play. Go on."

Widow Tweed puts Tod down on the ground and gently persuades him to go outside.

The Widow: "And try to stay out of mischief!"

The widow tells him this as he's running out of the barn."

But little Tod is unhappy and bored because he has no one to play with."