Chapter 5-3

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Tod: "Hey! It's Dinky and Boomer!"

Tod looks up and sees Dinky and Boomer flying past him.

Tod: "Maybe they wanna play."

Dinky: "Is this it, Boomer?"

Dinky and Boomer have landed on a tree where they believe the little worm, Squeeks is still living.

Boomer: "Oh sure, Dinky. This is the place. I never forget a tree... I never forget a tree!"

Dinky: "He won't get away this time...heh heh!"

Dinky vows to get the little worm as he walks through a hollow portion of a main branch with a hole on the other side.

Dinky: "Hold it, Boomer. I think I hear somethin'."

Boomer: "Oh, that's him all right, Dinky. That's him all right."

Boomer: "Hoo Hooo."

Boomer laughs as the thought of the little worm excites him.

Dinky: "Shh, shhhh. Get ready, Boomer. Hey! I can hear him movin'. Listen."

Boomer: "That's funny. I don't hear nothin'."

Dinky: "Shh! Quiet!"

Boomer keeps pushing against the tree to try and hear something, but is only successful in crunching Dinky closer against the tree.

Boomer: "Oh, that's him all right, Dinky. That's him all right, hoo hoo hoo."