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This grumpy character seems to be the spitting image of his master, Amos. Both of them share similar physical features and opinions. Both of them absolutely detest foxes, unless they're dead of course. Both seem to have very bushy eyebrows and scraggly features as well. Chief is a very humorless character in the story, but he is characterized as Tod's enemy, also. During the course of the film, Chief wasn't even that kind to Copper at all as a pup, nor as an adult. As an adult, Chief criticized Copper for the way he hunted. He told Copper that smelling and tracking his prey just wasn't enough! He had to "THINK NASTY!!" That being said, it seems surprising to me as to why Copper would have felt so badly for Chief when he was injured, and why he would have wanted to take revenge against Tod. Perhaps it was because he knew Chief ever since Amos dropped Copper in front of Chief's barrel. Copper thought of Chief as family.