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An extremely cute hound dog pup! Both he and Tod became fast best friends as children, and both promised to be friends forever. However, when Copper left for a hunting trip, that would be the last time either of them would see each other until adulthood! When Copper returned, he was a full grown hound dog and a VERY good hunting dog as well. When Copper returned, he was quite forceful in breaking off the friendship that he had with Tod. Copper then, directly believed that Tod was responsible for the injury that Chief sustained from being hit by a train. That seems awfully ridiculous for Copper to have felt like that about his "best friend." Copper soon swore that he would get his revenge where Tod was concerned. Therefore, it is pretty safe to day that Copper really did not achieve true adulthood until the very end of the movie when he saved Tod's life. That being said, Tod was the real "friend" of the two, but Copper did protect Tod from Amos Slade's gun at the very end. Both Tod and Copper's friendship was put at great risk when Copper actually hunted down his friend. It seemed as though Copper and Tod had become enemies. What would become of their friendship?