Dinky and Boomer

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Dinky and Boomer:

Although these two might not be the most important characters during the course of the film, they do provide some comedy relief. Boomer was depicted as a red, tall-legged, clumsy-looking woodpecker. Dinky looked like a yellow sparrow with a tough Brooklyn accent! How ironic for such a small bird! However, the aspects that make their characters so unique from other comedy relief characters is that their actions were very natural. Not once were Dinky and Boomer ever forced into a musical number by the animators and directors of the film, rather, Dinky joined in for merely a second of Big Mama's song called "Lack of Education," but he didn't really sing. One of their main goals throughout the course of the movie was to find and capture a little fuzzy worm named squeeks. Dinky and Boomer were also important because they also helped to find someone to look after Tod as a baby. It's always amusing to watch Boomer's beak get punched through Widow Tweed's door.