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Chapter 1-Opening Credits

Chapter 2-Orphaned

Chapter 3-Widow Tweed Adopts Tod

Chapter 4-A Surprise For Chief

Chapter 5-Mischief In The Barn

Chapter 6-Tod and Copper Meet

Chapter 7-"The Best of Friends"

Chapter 8-Tod Gets Into Trouble

Chapter 9-Cooped Up

Chapter 10-"Lack of Education"

Chapter 11-The Next Spring

Chapter 12-A Difficult Reunion

Chapter 13-The Aftermath

Chapter 14-"Goodbye May Seem Forever

Chapter 15-Big Mama Comes Looking For Tod

Chapter 16-Tod Meets Vixey

Chapter 17-"Appreciate The Lady"

Chapter 18-The Hunter Seeks Revenge

Chapter 19-An Unexpected Turn of Events

Chapter 20-Copper Saves Tod