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This character can be made out very easily in the film. His name should be obvious to you if you have watched the film. While he's not of major importance in The Fox and the Hound, he too, serves as some form of comic relief much like Dinky and Boomer. But again, the humor is subtle and believable, not overblown. Of the few times we see him in the film, Squeeks spends most of the movie as a small, green catepillar who is simply trying to survive from the constant if somewhat wacky hunting attempts by Dinky and Boomer. The two crazy birds are constantly after the little guy, but he does have an advantage to being small. He's able to hide in very small places so as to make Dinky and Boomer's job more difficult, and quite frankly, Squeeks is much more clever than the birds. That said, he's probably ten times smarter as well. By the end of the film, Squeeks has transformed into a beautiful, blue butterfly and has both Dinky and Boomer absolutely stunned and confused. This small character just goes to show us how never to underestimate the power of the little guy, even if he's your prey.