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Who could ever forget Tod, once a little fox cub who was always interested in exploring the world around him. He behaved like a human child, yet acted and moved like a fox. As a child, Tod was unaware of the anger and hatred that Amos Slade had for him, and all foxes. He wanted to be friends with Copper forever; however, he had to learn that one day, Copper would return as a completely trained hunting dog which would definitely put their friendship to the test. There really seemed to be two different Tods in the movie. Not only was there the curious little fox we knew at the beginning, but there was also an adult Tod who had matured over the long autumn and winter. As an adult, he had to be reminded that he was a grown fox and that Copper was now a grown hunting dog. Tod was always very insistent on maintaining their frienship, but when Copper, as an adult had to tell Tod that he was a grown hunting dog and that they would have to be enemies, Tod took it very seriously and perhaps even personally. Tod was very perceptive and sharp in both his childhood, and in adulthood, but he is barely fit to survive in the wild. He was very lucky to have found Vixey in that way. She would take him under her wing and show him how to survive. However Tod still had to be the hero, and so, would do anything to protect Vixey.