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Out of all the characters from the Fox and the Hound, Vixey seems to be the most interesting. Although her scenes in the movie were not very long, her purpose and character were incredibly valuable to the movie, just the same. Vixey is a very feminine and beautiful female fox who became Tod's love interest when he was dropped off in a game preserve in the forest. When Tod first spots Vixey down by a stream, he is amazed and hypnotized by her beauty. The looks of awe on his face were absolutely priceless. Vixey's scene was by far my most favorite scene in the whole movie! Unlike other female characters from other Disney movies, Vixey was given much more of a personality. She could be flirtatious with Tod, but could become angry and snap at him as well. She was not afraid to speak her mind at all, which in turn, made her a very strong-minded character. Another amazing aspect to her character is that she was "mysterious" to a certain point. Unlike Duchess (from The Aristocats), who was but a mother to her kittens, Vixey seemed to have more of a dimensional kind of character. She was "a child of the forest," and did not grow up in captivity like Duchess. Another interesting fact about Vixey is that whereas Tod walks more like a canine, and is clumsy, Vixey has more of a graceful, feline-like kind of walk and bound. It's always nice to see Vixey's gentle character as she cuddles up to Tod! Vixey also has had experience in the wild, whereas Tod is a domestic fox trying to become part of the wild. It will be a difficult task to achieve, but with the help of Tod's new-found mate, his adjustment shouldn't be a problem. Although Vixey is very tender around Tod, she is also much stronger-minded than he is. Therefore, Tod has to be rather forceful while instructing her to seek safety. Vixey's loyalty is to her new found love. It's very difficult to find these very same features of Vixey in other Disney heroines and women. Her behavior and affection to Tod is more noticable than many of the other Disney relationships. I have yet to see any other Disney couple behave so naturally when in love than Tod and Vixey. Also, the fact that Vixey's childhood remains unknown is what makes her more of a mysterious and enchanting character as Tod's love interest.