Widow Tweed

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The Widow Tweed:

This kind woman was every grandchild's dream. The Widow had found Tod as a baby under her clothing and fell in love with him from the moment she laid eyes on him. The Widow seemed to be warm-hearted altogether, but you wouldn't want to get on her bad side!! She is a very strong-willed character and, judging from her behavior around Amos, she wouldn't let ANYONE try to intimidate or threaten her! What made the Widow such a valuable character was that she too, acted realistic. Everything she did could have potentially depicted some realistic event or action. She adored Tod, and was heartbroken and in tears when she decided to bring him to the game preserve. It was difficult for her, but she did it in order to protect Tod from potential danger. Widow Tweed never really broke into song, rather she spoke the lyrics of the chorus inside her mind, and if you ask me, that's a great way to express a thought without having to burst into loud and annoying musical numbers! I don't think any animated human character could have acted more realistic than Widow Tweed!